W2 SPF 30

W2 SPF 30 sunscreen with Red Sea Weed. A natural Prevention from harmful UV and UF rays of the Sun. Red Alge is the best known natural resource and the Phenols present in red algea acts as a natural barrier to harmful sun rays thus acting as a natural Sunscreen..

Made in India 

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UV & UF Protection

W2 Spf 30 sunscreen with Red Sea Weed is the richest source of Phenol which creates a natural block against the harmful UV and UF rays of the sun, Thus keeps the skin away from the ravages of the sun. With SPF 30 Sunscreen keep skin safe and hydrated.

Naturally Hydrated Skin

Ingredients like cocoa and red algae improve the moisture holding capacity of the skin. Natural hydration levels are essential to maintaining in dry skin. With the presence of cocoa butter, the moisturiser does that naturally and quickly.

Absolute Care

Cucumber reverses the tanning of the skin caused by the harmful sun rays. It provides deep hydration to the skin, accelerating the rejuvenating ability of the skin.


Red Algae Extract

Red algae extract provides excellent UV and UF protection and act as an active sunscreen. It contains high levels of peptides, carotenoids and fatty acids. It helps to neutralise free radicals. And its presence in the skin care products improve the texture and spreadability.

Cucumber Extract

Evening prime rose oil; an excellent moisturising agent is one of the leading ingredients in the W2 skin repair serum. Prime rose oil is known for treating hormonal imbalance in the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to heal redness of the skin.

Licuorice Extract

Liquorice is a known for ages as complexion enhancer which protects skin against external aggression to restore its radiance and beauty. Liquorice reduces skin imperfections, i.e. pigmented patches, redness and micro vascularisation.

Why W2

For you to rely Upon

We work towards alleviating our range of personal care and skin care products. We believe in giving you reasons to trust us. In the space of protective and precautionary methods of skin care, our products are significant offerings! To prevent the damage is better than healing it later.

Fresh from Nature’s Lap

While living in a world of fast-food, talking about fresh-from-farm is usually futile,and that’s why W2 presents beauty and skin care products with some of the freshest natural ingredients available.

Guarded By Nature

From the odds that we fight each day, nature is our guardian. It rescues us from the unvarying and mechanical world also it prevents all the harm and damage offered to our skin.

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