W2 Skin Repair Facial Kit

Punica Granatum Fruit Extract, Punica Granatum Seed Extract. Repairs your skin at the same time prevents and treats acne problem immediately., It helps you remove old scars on your face and prevents ageing on your skin.

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Fights Skin Problems

The extract of mulberry bark and root contains substances that hinder the formation of melanin and fights skin problems. It also prevents the skin from such appearances in future.

Moisturised Skin

Moisture retaining capacity of the skin is improved by ingredients like cocoa and red algae. Natural hydration levels are essential to maintain in dry skin. With the presence of cocoa butter, the moisturiser does that naturally and easily.

Protective conditioning

This conditioner is a protective formula to prevent hair damage and loss of nourishment. Glycolipids and essential oils present in the conditioner protects your hair from external pollution and impurities. Pyrus Malus fibre smoothens the hair further.


Mulberry Extract

Mulberry extract contains substances that restrain the formation of melanin. The extract acts as an active natural whitening agent. Mulberry is an effective tyrosinase inhibitor. Enriched with vitamin A, it moisturises skin, restores its radiance and prevents premature ageing.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter, in comparison to other skin care ingredients like almond oil or shea butter, is exceptionally high in vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for preventing skin cell damage by UV rays from the sun. It also enhances your skin's health and looks. Cocoa lessens scarring and visible lines of ageing.

Red Algae Extract

Red algae, present in face serum has been used as skin care ingredient for ages. This rhodophyte is hand-picked from an optimum selection of raw materials used to repair the damaged skin and improves skin elasticity. It enhances the moisture retaining capacity of the skin.

Why W2

A Reliable Brand Ideology

W2 is a brand that cares. We are efficiently working towards perfecting each product for our customers. We believe that precaution and care is better than cure.

Nature provides Solutions

We understand that nature always has a solution for you. As an experimental cosmetology brand, make dedicated efforts in bringing the forgotten natural ingredients back into your lives through our products.

Protective and Caring

The goodness of nature is clubbed with our courage and dedication by making products that prevent damages and strengthens you to fight back.

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