W2 Mulberry Fairness Night Cream

W2 Fairness Night Cream developed with the benefits of Mulberry extract, moisturizes your skin reducing the appearance of dark spots and dullness for lighter healthy skin that glows from within. Use W2 mulberry fairness cream daily to maximize the visible results. The appearance of existing dark spots is reduced and skin is lighter, younger to look at leaving it soft and radiant.

Made in India 

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A Strong Belief

W2 is a brand that believes in acting on time or preferably before time. Our products for skin care and personal care prove to be an exploration of the space of preventive cosmetology. We believe that preventing ourselves from external damage is profoundly essential today.

Intelligent Beauty

Beauty is elevated multiple times when integrated with smartness. W2 products are exactly that. A collaboration between nature’s unusual ingredients and intelligence in crafting a skin care product out of them is our core strength.

Guarded By Nature

From the odds that we fight each day, nature is our guardian. It rescues us from the unvarying and mechanical world. It also prevents all the harm and damage offered to our skin.


Mango butter

Mango butter, an excellent source of Vitamin-A is one of the leading ingredients in the W2 anti-ageing night cream. Mango butter is known for treating dryness. Makes your skin look healthy and young.

Mulberry Extract

Our fairness day cream contains anthocyanins and potent antioxidants that fight free radicals and regulates melanin synthesis in the skin. Mulberry extract in the cream prevents dark spots, unclog pores, removes toxins making skin fresh and glowing.

Almond oil

Almond oil present in our fairness night cream contains healing properties. Almond oil works best for signs of ageing. It deeply nourishes dry skin and treats rashes.

Why W2

Spotless Skin

The extract of mulberry bark and root contains substances that hinder the formation of melanin and prevents the skin from such appearances in future.

Moisture locking

This fairness day cream is rich in vitamin A and plays a crucial role in skin cell generation and rejuvenation. It helps to prevent the trans-dermal water loss and keeps the skin soft.

Natural Fairness Activator

Flavonoids, tannins and ellagic acid, present in blackberry extract are natural fairness actives and have strong skin lightening properties.

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