W2 Ivory Peach Moisturiser – 500 ML

Made in India

MRP: 599

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Protective layer of moisture

Naturally whitening and anti-ageing. Natural hydration levels are essential to maintain in dry skin and the moisturiser does that naturally and easily.

Balanced oil levels

This moisturizing lotion is a gentle formula that is conditioning and oil balancing. It helps to maintain the delicate balance that needs to exist between oiliness and dryness.

Blemish and spot free skin

It removes and prevents the occurrence of dark circles, dark spots and wrinkles. It protects the skin against UV rays and acne.

Real Fruit Extract

Ivory peach extract contains vitamin A, C and E, potassium and manganese. Applying this on your skin regularly will result in softness and glowing. These vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids help in retaining moisture and maintaining elasticity.

Wheat Germ oil

Vitamin E rich, wheat germ oil heals damaged skin. It’s antioxidant nature improves the skin quality, giving is an even tone and preventing skin ageing.

The Goodness of Rare Mushrooms

Mushroom extracts are a natural skin whitener. They are natural anti oxidants and prevent early ageing. Mushrooms also help in maintaining the skin elasticity.

A Reliable Brand Ideology

W2 is a brand that cares. We are efficiently working towards perfecting each product for our customers. We believe that precaution and care is better than cure.

Nature provides Solutions

We understand that nature always has a solution for you. As an experimental cosmetology brand, we make dedicated efforts in bringing the forgotten natural ingredients back into your lives through our products.

Protective and Caring

The goodness of nature is clubbed with our courage and dedication by making products that prevent damages and strengthens you to fight back.

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