W2 Insta Glow Facial Kit

Contains Natural AHA which helps remove fine lines from your skin. Removes black heads, Sun spots, dark spots and Age Spots to give you instant glow in minutes.

Made in India 

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Natural Skin Lightening

Flavonoids, tannins and ellagic acid, present in blackberry extract are natural fairness actives and have strong skin lightening properties.

Soothing and Rejuvenating

Cucumber extract present in the face pack helps to keep skin softer and gives it healthier looking complexion. It has a quick healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties.

Antiseptic and Anti-bacterial

Naturally antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of wild turmeric helps to fight acne and balances the oil levels in your skin.
It removes and prevents the occurrence of blackheads and pigmentation



Saffron, an excellent moisturising agent is one of the main ingredients in W2 anti-ageing night cream. Saffron is known for treating acne and blemishes. It lightens and brightens skin, improves skin texture and tone.


Cucumber is natural astringent and moisturiser. It gives instant relief from blemishes and tanning. Also useful for skin prone to pimples and black-heads.

Wild turmeric

Wild turmeric, a significant ingredient in Ayurveda is an exceptional exfoliating agent. It serves to reverse the signs of ageing. Turmeric is highly effective in lessening traces of pigmentation, making the skin tone even.

Why W2

Where You Feel Nature

W2 products are formulated to allow you get the feel of nature. With inspirations and ingredients that nature has to offer, we develop products that balances the effects of overtime contamination on your skin.

A Brand You’d Relate Closely

We are a brand that you can easily bond with. We associate ourselves closely with natural ingredients and our products will not appear foreign to you. We do not believe in waiting, if we can act on it today.

Consider Your Needs

We understand that time constrains you from dedicating efforts for self care in a natural way. W2 provides you solutions for skin care with an approach that combines science and nature’s power of healing.

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