W2 Gold Toner 100ml & Lemon Peel Cleansing Milk 100ml & Cranberry Scrub Skin Care 100gm (Combo Pack)


  1. W2 Gold Toner which helps to maintain moisture balance of the skin. It is very useful for removal to make up. It tightens the skin while removing the makeup effectively. It moistens the skin and can be used to remove all superficial impurities.
  2. W2 Purifying Lemon Peel Cleansing Milk Give your skin the daily care it needs with W2 face cleansing milk. It rejuvenates your skin and draws out impurities and dirt from the skin’s surface, as well as deep within the pores to reveal your natural, pure skin. It also removes the dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and healthy.
  3. W2 Cranberry Facial Scrub. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamins C, B3 and B5, cranberries regenerate and moisturize while working as a powerful exfoliating agent especially with people with oily skin. The enzymes present in cranberry exfoliate dead skin unclogging the sebaceous glands which prevent the formation of sebum. Best protection against harsh winter conditions.


  1. Gold Toner: Grapefruit Extract, Mandarin Extract, Juniper Berry Extract, Dandelion Extract, Raspberry Extract, Gold Dust, Base q.s.
  2. Lemon Peel Cleansing Milk: Lemon Peel Oil, Corn Germ Oil, Lavender Oil, Evening Prime rose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Glycerine.
  3. Cranberry Scrub: Cranberry Extract, Almond oil, Mulberry Extract, Sunflower Oil, Aloevera Extract, Glycerine, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Coco Butter, Base q.s.

Direction for use:

  1. Gold Toner: wipe off with moist cotton wool. Shake well before use.
  2. Lemon Peel Cleansing Milk: Wet your face and apply cleanser. Apply gently onto your face skin in a circular motion. Clean with cotton swab. Finally rinse with Lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  3. Cranberry Scrub: After washing your face with W2’s face wash, apply the scrub gently onto damp clean skin. Massage in a circular motion on your face and leave it for five minutes then rinse off with water. Do not rub.


  1. Gold Toner: Store in cool place away from sunlight.
  2. Lemon Peel Cleansing Milk: Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Caution: For external use only.

Made in India

MRP: 849

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