W2 Combo Orange Hand Wash 1 Litre & Cleaning Spray 550ml & 1 Litre Hand sanitizer With Pump Dispenser

All products are Ayush Certified. The Sanitizer (GEL) and Disinfectant provide protection from disease-causing bacteria and viruses.Bothe the Sanitizer and Disinfectant are Alcohol Based, Kill 99.9% of germs. The Sanitizer is quick-dry and non-sticky. Disinfectant is ideal for hard and soft surfaces like bathrooms, bedrooms ( mattresses, curtains), car seats, door knobs, office desks, and more.The Hand wash is tough on cleaning and killing 99.9% bacteria, gentle and safe for all ages, and for everyday use

This is Non Returnable & Non Refundable Product.

MRP: 1,048

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